Take Charge and Go is a unique site dedicated to the new electric vehicle purchase. Take Charge and Go strives to provide all the information and resources needed to help new buyers make the right choices and getting all the information they need when entering the world of electric transportation. This site will help find the correct vehicle as well as all the preparation work and issues you may find with a purchase from planning how to charge the car to planning a trip.

This site will also help review new models and get you to other resources along the way. So review the site, and find the vehicle that is right for you.

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  1. Darrell Holmquist

    I think the EV Charging Hangers are great but my car locks the handle in, so the charger handle can’t be removed in most cases. Are you considering another type of hanger for this situation? For example, a hanger that replaces the “unplug” messages with something appropriate to the locking situation. It could have a spot to say when we plan to be back to unplug and our phone to call.

    1. jack.b.brown@gmail.com Post author

      Hi Darrell, depending on the car, such as the BMW i3, that will be corrected in an update sometime soon. I encourage people with the issue now to write a small note stating the plug locks to the car, please call and I will come out an unlock it if needed.


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